Crystal Pillar Candles

$ 7.50  USD

Palm Wax Candles are made from Palm Oil, a natural, vegetable oil. They differ from paraffin candles in that there is no soot or smoke while burning, or when blown out. The Palm Wax Candle scent is softer, especially when cold. People with allergies often prefer palm wax candles to paraffin. The burn time on a palm wax candle is about 15 to 20% longer than paraffin. The palm wax itself is a more expensive wax than paraffin, thus the candles cost a little more. The appearance of a palm wax candle is a very opaque color, with a crystal-snowflake like texture. As with our paraffin candles, the wicks are lead-free. There are no additives to our palm wax candles. Comes 3"x3" See color and scent chart for your custom candle!

Fruit preserve tins

$ 7.95 USD

All 6 oz Fruit preserve tins $7.95 each buy 2 get 3rd free)
Scents available:
*Macintosh apple

Bag of fruit tart melts

$ 5.99 USD

Bag of fruit tart melts- $ 5.99 each
All tarts come in the shape of the fruit name.
Scents available:
*Pineapple chunks
*Macintosh apple slices
*Peach slices
*Watermelon cubes
*Pear slices
*Mango slices
*Tangerine slices
*Orange slices
*Lemon wedges
*Lime wedges

Pillar candles

$ 13.99 USD

Available in 3 x3" round $ 13.99 each ,3 x6" round $ 15.99 each , and 3 x9" round $ 17.99 each

Can customize your own scent and color....
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